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It’s zombie apocalypse time with these scarily funny gifts!

It’s zombie apocalypse time with these scarily funny gifts!

Do you have family members who wind you up? Has your friend betrayed you and you want revenge? Or do you just want to make someone scream? Then our scary selection of zombie gifts is just what you’re looking for!

Turn Father’s Day into Night of the Living Dead or transform a birthday party into World War Z with our fright-tastic zombie presents. They make killer gifts and are drop dead guaranteed to be the life and soul of the party.

Whether they’re into gruesome games, terrible toys, bloodcurdling bookmarks or creepy cuddlies you should be able to find the perfect putrid gift. Just make sure that when the sun goes down and the darkness comes, you’re hiding somewhere safe with all the doors and windows locked …

Zombie slippers: they’re dead comfy! £19.99

Throw out those pink fluffy mules you had for Christmas last year. Slip your feet into these gruesome slippers and shuffle around the house like a brain dead zombie! A great gift for all teenagers and anyone who hates mornings. Just keep an eye out for Rover – he may fancy the dangling eyeballs for breakfast!

Make Your Own Wind Up Zombie: a dead easy gift! £3.95

Know someone who’s Zombie mad? Do they get frustrated by the lack of undead people wandering the streets? Then you’ve found the perfect present for them! This cute(?) little guy is dead easy to put together. Simply wind him up and watch him shuffle. Just make sure your friend can run faster than him!

Lights, camera, action: Zombie Movie Making Kit £4.95

Does your brother or best mate love watching Zombie movies? Do they stay up all night glued to Dawn of the Dead and Night of the Living Dead? To prevent them from getting brain dead themselves, give them this Zombie Movie Making Kit as a present and you may see them receiving the Best Director Oscar next year!

Zombie Gnome: he’s no Gnomio £15.99

What’s that lurking in the bushes in the dead of night? It’s Zombie Gnome! Your garden will seem creepily quiet as his blood-soaked face, white staring eyes and menacing grin will scare all the neighbourhood cats and birds away. He’s a perfect present for black-fingered gardeners as long as he doesn’t terrify them too!

Zombie Build Your Own Zombie: terrifying fun £4.99

Remember Morph, the cute little play dough guy created by artist and TV presenter Tony Hart? What if he stumbled into a zombie apocalypse and met an untimely and messy death (Morph, not Mr Hart)? This zombie-coloured dough would make a great gift for gruesomely creative types who can morph Morph into a morbidly mortifying zombie!

Zombie Shower Gel: help them clean up their act £4.99

Don’t you find zombies really hard to buy presents for? We’re delighted to present the Zombie Shower Gel! Every zombie will love soaping off the blood with this grisly, gooey snot-green gel and the pleasant citrus scent will be vast improvement to their usual putrid stink. We’re not sure it’ll help them to make new friends though (particularly if they still insist on eating them).

Zombie Teddy Werebear: cuddly but not so cute £89.90

If you go down to the woods today, you’re certainly in for a surprise if you come across this teddy bear. In fact, you would be well advised to run away. Fast. He’s not planning on eating cucumber sandwiches for his picnic – humans and other teddy bears are on the menu! This scary bear would make an unusual gift for your twisted friend but would be best left off the present list for your three-year-old niece.

It’s zzzzz time with the Zombie Sleep Mask £5.95

Recreate Night of the Living Dead in your own bedroom! This Zombie Sleep Mask guarantees a peaceful night’s sleep as everyone will be too scared to wake you up. The only danger is that you’ll be mistakenly recruited by the zombies when they go human hunting at night so you’ll have to be good at playing dead. A great stocking filler gift for horror fans.

Zombie Staked Pen Holder: dead good for desks £8.00

Stuck for present ideas for your boss or work colleague? Do they turn into a monster when they lose their pen yet again? Give them the gruesomely great satisfaction of both keeping their pen safe and taking out their fearsome frustration by stabbing the zombie through the heart with their ballpoint. At least they’ll have had plenty of practice when the zombies come after them for real!

Bluw Silly Socks Zombie: best foot forward £4.99

These socks were made for walking with the ranks of the undead! Even the most pedicured tootsies look gross when they slip into these gruesomely green zombie socks with their festering wounds. They would make a fun gift for any young-at-heart grown-ups who love a bit of gore, but make sure they don’t get carried away with the zombie theme!

Dashboard Zombie: a daunting driving companion £5.95

It stands on the car dashboard, its festering limbs flailing and its horrifying head wobbling each time the driver turns a corner. When your Granny asked for something to watch over her on the roads, she was thinking of a St Christopher key ring! Dashboard Zombie is an entertaining gift for the car drivers in your family but we recommend they stay away from their vehicle when night time comes …

Zombie Bookends: lethal laughs for your library £14.95

A practical present for any friends who boast a large collection of horror books, these Zombie bookends will ensure that their terrifying Stephen King and James Herbert tomes stay tidy. They will look dead good on any book shelf and will keep the petrifying pages contained. Bookcases should be bloodcurdling, not boring!

3D Zombie Hand Ice Mould: it’s chillingly scary £7.29

Give your drink the chills with this monstrously large ice cube tray! It makes a cool gift if you want to give a hand at a kid’s party and the ice will float creepily in the jug of squash, ready to make a lunge at unsuspecting revelers. It may give the kids nightmares, but who cares? It’s dead funny at grown up gatherings too. Can someone give me a hand with this jug of Pimm’s?

Keep Calm And Kill Zombies Mug Cup Gift Retro £3.60

The perfect present for all Zombie hunters. It will remind them to be on their guard against the undead as they enjoy their morning coffee or afternoon tea and is perfect for a celebratory mug of hot chocolate after a night of Zombie slaughtering. Keep one of these in your cupboard and the Zombie apocalypse will give you a wide bearth!

Haynes - Zombie Survival Manual: apocalyptically informative £14.95

No, it’s not a helpful present for your local friendly Zombie helping him to stay undead in a hostile environment. This informative book is an essential gift for anyone aiming to be alive post-Zombie apocalypse. When doom day is forecast, lock all your doors and windows and curl up in bed to learn how to defend your home, how to move around the undead without being noticed and how to start a new life once it’s all over. Good luck!

Watch your neck: Zombie Figural Bottle Opener £7.80

Time to put your undead friend to work providing the refreshments after a busy bout of Zombie hunting. If he has to bite something, better a bottle top than your neck. His lethal, bloodied jaws will make short work of opening the beers and you and your fellow Zombie killers can celebrate another good day’s work. This bloodcurdling bottle opener would make a scary stocking filler gift.

Dismember-Me Plush Zombie: release your inner destroyer £17.88

Do you know someone with dastardly destructive tendencies? Does your best mate have the killer instinct? Or do you have a friend who simply hates the undead? If so, this terrifying toy would make a petrifyingly perfect present! He can be dismembered limb by limb, exposing his gruesome innards, offering endless satisfaction. Perhaps not a gift for your little sister or Great Aunt Doris, though.

Avoid the apocalypse: Walking Dead Zombie Letter Opener £39.37

Kill your very own zombie by plunging your letter opener knife into his head! Not only have you saved your household from a zombie apocalypse but all your letters will be opened neatly and you’ll never lose the opener knife again. Result! It would make a gruesome gift for all obsessively tidy horror fans – there must be some out there. Or have the zombies got there first?

Remote Control Zombie: take charge of the undead £18.38

Bring the walking dead to life! He can run riot around the kitchen floor while Mum’s trying to cook dinner or send him after your little sister’s Barbie doll. There are hours of fearsome fun to be had scaring the pet dog or cat with the remote control zombie. Just make sure the dog doesn’t try to eat him or he may turn into Zombie Dog. That would be barking mad! A fun gift for kids and the young at heart.

Thinkgeek - Zombie Cookie Jar Head: biscuit thieves beware! £34.88

Do you have phantom biscuit stealers in your house? Do the chocolate chip cookies disappear mysteriously from the biscuit barrel? Stop the biscuit burglars with this terrifying zombie head cookie jar – they’ll be much too scared to risk plunging their hand into putrid zombie brains just for a couple of Rich Tea biscuits. This is a gift Mum will appreciate – only she is strong enough to brave the zombie brains for her afternoon biccie!

Walk like the undead: Zombie Flip Flops – Medium £14.95

Do you ever feel sorry for zombies? Put yourself in their shoes – literally – with these zombie flip flops and maybe you’ll understand how it feels to be feared and hated by all humans. After all, no-one wants to die and if they’re not strictly dead, they still have to eat. They reach out to humans and what happens? The humans put a stake in their heads! A thoughtful gift for all zombie haters (or a fun present for all zombie fans!).

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