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Portable Speakers: The Gift of Music on the Go

Portable Speakers: The Gift of Music on the Go

To those of us who love sitting back on the sofa with our eyes closed, listening to the strains of our favourite music played through our expensive hi fi system and carefully-positioned stereo speakers, the thought of portable speakers is anathema.

Mobile speakers have evolved to meet the needs of the “yoof” of today who demand instant gratification and want to play their top tunes from their phone NOW, wherever they are, without having to plug them in to an electricity socket or into their phone.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I’m willing to acknowledge the benefits of portable speakers. I might even be able to persuade myself to buy some for a Christmas or birthday present for my teenage daughter. At least it would stop her from plugging her iPhone into our expensive hi fi system!

We can’t escape the fact that young people love listening to music so a portable speaker would make a great gift idea. Students, teenagers, kids – put it on your present list now!

Twist Portable Bluetooth Speaker: Small but Mighty £39.95

With style, substance and genuine portability, this device is a must-have gift for music fans. With Bluetooth connectivity of up to 10 metres, a rechargeable battery giving up to 5 hours play time and dimensions small enough to fit into a car glove box or a handbag, there’s no need to travel without music ever again. It’s a perfect present idea for students and teenagers who love a spontaneous rave!

Soulra Rugged Rukus Wireless Sound System – Green: Solar Sound £60.84

These days, the demands on portable speakers have gone beyond simply providing music on the move. This space-age device is a great gift idea for eco-friendly and clumsy students or teenagers as its battery can be charged via its solar panel and it’s reasonably well armoured against dropping. Oh yes – it has great sound quality and Bluetooth connectivity too!

Bang & Olufsen Beolit 12 Portable Wireless Speaker Inc Airplay - Anthracite £349.00

It may not win awards for the nicest looking mobile speaker but Bang and Olufsen devices are legendary for their sound quality. It’s modelled on a retro transistor radio but is thoroughly modern in its features, including wireless connectivity for Apple devices. It’s small and lightweight but it packs a punch. An expensive but much-appreciated gift for Mum or Dad, perhaps?

Outdoor Tech Turtle Shell Go Anywhere Boombox Speaker - Neon Green £49.99

How cool is this? It makes me feel like I’m in a Ninja Turtle movie! Not only does this speaker look groovy, it has awesome features including a wireless range of 32ft and 16 hours playing time! That’s enough battery power to get you through an all-night rave and breakfast too. This portable speaker is definitely a gift for kids and teenagers who love to party.

Cardboard Radio And MP3 Speaker: Recycle your Music £15.99

This handy little speaker is every recycler’s dream as it’s cased entirely in cardboard! Small, light and very portable you can plug your smart phone or music player into it or you can listen to it as an FM radio. It’s powered by four AA batteries so no need to hover around an electric socket. It’s a great birthday or Christmas gift idea for kids and students.

Boombox Wireless Touch Speaker: Simple Sounds £22.95

There’s no need for cables or even Bluetooth connectivity with this innovative little portable speaker. Provided your phone or MP3 player has an external speaker, simply rest it on top and the Boombox speaker will amplify the sound. A rechargeable battery allows up to 10 hours playing time. It’s a handy gift idea for kids and grown up men and women alike. It’s so simple even grandparents can use it!

Beats By Dr. Dre Pill 2.0 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker – Black £167.61

Beats is a cool brand amongst today’s kids so receiving this portable speaker as a gift will make their day. As well as looking as if it means business it boasts a load of handy features. It connects with any Bluetooth-enabled device and it can sync with another Pill speaker. Simply tap the speakers together to amplify the sound or turn them into left and right speakers for stereo sound!

JBL Charge 2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Black: Party Time £104.99

You usually get what you pay for and this portable speaker is no exception. It’s worth extra pounds to avoid shoddy sounds, I always say. Teenagers and students who love to party will have this on their birthday or Christmas present list. It has Bluetooth connectivity, 12 hours playing time from its rechargeable battery and a social mode so the music choice can be shared!

Belkin Fusive Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System With Handsfree Calling Microphone - Silver/ £33.99

It’s the size of a tablet and doesn’t weigh much more. It even has a stand which doubles up as a carrying handle! Speakers don’t come much more portable than this and it would make a great gift idea for someone who takes their music everywhere. As well as Bluetooth connectivity and a rechargeable battery it has four sound modes to optimise the listening experience!

Yantouch Diamond+ 3-In-1 Portable Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Speaker -- Magic Ambient £119.00

This is a lifestyle gift that everyone should want! It’s a mobile party, bedside light and alarm clock and I’m sure it could cook breakfast too. The speaker connects to any Bluetooth device to play music and its light show has several remote controlled settings. It can be used as a bedside reading light and even an alarm clock to wake you up with ambient lighting and a gentle message!

Portable Silicone Horn Stand Speaker Sound Amplifier For Apple IPhone 5 – Blue £4.45

Want to get a bit more sound out of your phone? This nifty little phone horn portable speaker will do the trick! It fits the iPhone 6 and all the iPhone 5 models and enhances the volume of music playing from your phone by around 17%. It would make a great little extra gift or stocking filler for kids and teenagers who are glued to their phone all day!

Mini Amp Speaker – Black: Play Your Air Guitar £10.99

A great gift for every wannabe rock star, from teenagers to guitar hero Dads, this portable speaker will blast out your favourite tunes wherever you want to be. It’s powered by 3xAA batteries and connects to your phone, MP3 device or laptop. It may be small but it makes a big sound. Select a rock anthem, prepare your air guitar and paaaaaarty!!

Teddy Bear Speakers, Hi-George IPod/IPhone/MP3/PC Brown: Music and Cuddles £17.52

Awww! This must win the prize for the cutest portable speaker. An ideal gift idea for kids who love listening to music this cuddly teddy bear doubles up as a mobile speaker. It’s powered by 2xAA batteries so all you need to do is sit him down, give him your phone or MP3 player to cuddle and he’ll play your music through his paws!

Philips SBT30BLE/00 SoundShooter Wireless Portable Speaker – Blue: Clip and Go £23.62

This speaker is so portable it can clip onto your bag or belt! With Bluetooth connectivity and a rechargeable battery offering up to 8 hours playback time it’s the perfect present for kids or grown-ups who are always on the go. Like many other mobile speakers it can be used for hands-free phone calls too!

Harman-Kardon Esquire MINI Bluetooth Active: Stylish Sound £129.00

It’s small, stylish and elegant and definitely a gift for grown-up men and women. It’s compact enough to fit into a handbag or even a large pocket and its Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable battery mean it can play music anywhere. As with many other portable speakers it can be used as a phone charger too.

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