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Cigar Gift Ideas

Cigar Gift Ideas

For the classic man who loves his cigars! Most of us associate cigar smoking with classic, black and white Italian mafioso movies. But did you know that no one really knows where and how cigar smoking started? However, it is documented that explorer Chistopher Columbus was one of the first to bring tobacco to European shores. During a trip to the island of Hispaniola (present-day Dominican Republic) Columbus's men came in contact with tobacco for the very first time ever. It is said that locals of the island gave them dry tobacco leaves that gave off a strange fragrance, which they were unfamiliar with. Smoking tobacco was firstly said to have some sort of medicinal qualities but it was later declared evil by certain European royals. Cigars in particular are still to this day considered a masculine pastime. They carry with them a great sense of authenticity and originality since they are handmade, unlike the processed cigarettes many smoke today. In fact, because of this handmade process, cigars can be extremely costly gifts! That's where find a present comes in - we offer the most competitively priced, highest quality cigars at your finger tips.