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Search Our Car Presents

Grey Livingston once said, "Driving a brand new car feels like riding around in an open billfold with the dollars flapping by your ears as they fly out the window." And that certainly is true. The feeling of freedom and luxury associated with new cars is most pleasant. Did you know that the very first car built was a steam-powered one designed (and probably) built by Ferdinant Verbiest, a Flemish man living in China during 1672? However, the car he built couldn't actually carry a driver or any passengers since it was only a model and was 65cm in length! Not quite a real car as we know it today, but it was nonetheless a great invention at that time! That said, car gifts and car novelties are great for men and women. And if you can't afford the real thing, this is a great second option. Items range from funny dashboard toys and gadgets, to smellies and air freshners for making that interior space oh-so-pleasant! Depending on his or her tastes, you can even find fluffy dashboard dice, car keyrings, useful car gadgets and much more.

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