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Candle Present Ideas

Candle Present Ideas

Ladies certainly love the romance that candles bring! Candles add a certain allure and atmosphere to a home that is appreciated by those with a keen eye for design. Did you know that 7 out of 10 households in the US and UK use candles for decoration? Furthermore, there is such diversity when it comes to candles and there are a myriad of shapes, sizes and colours available. For instance, you get outdoor candles, novelty candles, floating candles, tealight candles, votives, birthday candles and more; plus candles with all sorts of divine scents and smells! It's rather odd to think that candles go back to 221–206 BC in China when they were once made from whale fat! Kinda weird and also a tad bit gross. Today candles are mostly made from soybean wax which is a much softer and slower burning wax than paraffin wax. Some candles are still made from bees wax but they are more exclusive and more difficult to find opposed to the soybean wax ones that are available commercially nowadays. Nonetheless, candles make for great presents so take a look below for candle present ideas and inspiration!

PyroPet Candle: a Skeletal Surprise £24.99

Don’t be fooled by its elegant feline exterior – this is no cute kitty cat candle! In fact, it has pretty much the same end result as if you set alight your pet Tiddles, burning away to leave just a creepy cat skeleton. This isn’t a gift for cat lovers or for anyone with a queasy stomach. Keep it for a Halloween present for your most ghoulish friend.

Pop-Up Diamond Candles (Red Amber): Hidden Jewels £24.99

This is a lucky dip of a candle, with a diamond as the prize! Yes – one in every 50 of these scented votives has a tiny diamond inside it which is revealed as the candle burns down. Men – this is THE most romantic gift idea for your favourite woman and would be perfect for a Valentine’s Day or wedding anniversary present.

Skull Candle: Alas, poor Yorick … £29.99

It’s easy to wax lyrical about this perfectly crafted candle. It’s been carefully moulded to look exactly like a human skull, only with a candle wick stuck in the top. Candles are usually favoured by women but this one would make a gruesome housewarming gift for a student looking to get ahead (groan!).

Bleeding Skull Candle: It’s a No Brainer £19.99

As if having a candle shaped like a skull isn’t ghoulish enough, this one has the extra blood factor! It would be a gloriously grisly gift to give at a Halloween party or as a housewarming present but make sure you’re careful who the recipient is. You don’t want to give your Mother-in-Law or Great Aunt Doris a heart attack!

Colour Your Mood with the Playbulb Bluetooth Candle £19.95

The clever candle is green … no, red … no, yellow … In fact, it’s whatever colour you want! It’s actually an LED light disguised as a candle and you can use your mobile phone to change the colour to suit your mood. It’s a lovely present for any occasion and is particularly suited to men, women and kids who are good with mobile phones but dangerous with matches.

Stinky Candles (Fast Food): Pooh! £5.99

Who said candles should smell nice? Stinky Candles pride themselves on their foul fragrances. While you’re wafting aromas of cinnamon and cloves around the house from your Christmas scented candle the males in your family can retire to their room and breathe in the putrid perfume of stale chips from their own candle. Unsurprisingly, our present-finder recommends it as a gift for men.

Safety First: Battery Operated Flameless Candles – 2 Pack £14.99

With no risk of accidental fire if they get knocked over, these candle lookalikes are a great gift idea for families with small children or pets, or anyone who’s clumsy! They are made from wax but contain a battery-operated flickering light instead of a wick. They make a thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day, Christmas, a wedding anniversary or a birthday.

Floating Celebration Candle: What, no cake? £3.99

A floating candle – what a great alternative to a birthday cake! If you know someone who’s on a diet or, horror of horrors, doesn’t like cake, this would make a handy gift. Simply float the candle in a pint of beer or any other drink the birthday boy or girl may prefer, light it and invite them to blow it out. It’s a great little birthday gift for men or women.

Handmade Bodily Human Candle With Happy Smile: Bliss! £24.74

Do you know someone who needs cheering up? This smiley candle would make a lovely gift idea for someone who’s feeling a bit down in the dumps. Whether it’s a new mum struggling with a baby, a student working hard for exams or your friend who’s been dumped by her boyfriend, lighting up this candle is guaranteed to make them feel better!

ThumbsUp! Finger Candles: A Handy Gift £6.36

Give someone a hand as a present; well, the fingers and thumb, anyway. These handy digits are made of wax and are perfect for a Halloween gift or as a spooky offering to scare your little brother and his mates at his birthday party! You can stick them in a cake to look like a dismembered hand or use them on their own to create your own hand signals.

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