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Alcohol Presents

Alcohol Presents

No matter what time of year it may be, an alcohol gift is sure to go down well (no pun intended)! Whether you are buying a gift for a champagne, whisky, spirits or wine lover, you'll find it all at find-a-present.uk. In fact, alcohol has been used for so many different things throughout history and by all kinds of cultures. Even from the earliest Biblical times, alcohol was used as an important part of religious ceremonies and today it is often a crucial part of social events in many different cultures across the globe. However, no one really knows when alcohol was used first as a beverage. But a kind of beer jug was in fact found that dates back to the Stone Age and this demonstrated that fermented drinks did actually exist then. Later on during the ancient Egyptian civilization (about 4000 BC), wine was definitely a prominent part of society and it was even included in Egyptian hieroglyphics and pictographs that still remain today.

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