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Bring breakfast to life with our eggs-cellent egg shaper gifts

Bring breakfast to life with our eggs-cellent egg shaper gifts

Do you wish breakfast was more eggs-iting? Breakfast will no longer be boring with our eggs-ellent egg shaper gifts!

Eggs are full of protein, vitamins and minerals so it’s no yolk when your kids turn up their noses at this nutritious food. Slip an egg shaper into their Christmas stocking or buy one as an extra birthday or Easter gift and they’ll be demanding an eggy breakfast every morning!

In fact, it can scramble your brain when you realise what you can do with the humble egg. It makes an eggs-tremely funny face, an eggs-eedingly accurate animal and an eggs-tremely romantic heart, eggs-actly what every breakfast plate needs.

All white, that’s enough of the egg yolks. They were cracking, though I say so myself, but if I don’t stop now my boss may shell-ve them!

Make a funny face: Gregg’s Cheerful Egg Shaper £8.99

Brighten up your morning with this funny face egg shaper. Add a sausage smile, a bacon nose, mushroom hair and hash brown ears to create a proper egg man. You could even give him a name – how about Eggward? A fun present to cheer up all kids and grownups who hate mornings.

Mustard Fry You Love Fried Egg Mould: romance on a plate £5.00

What could be more romantic than spelling out how much you love someone on their breakfast plate? The humble fried egg is transformed into a message of true love with this passionate egg mould. It’s a sweet yet practical present for your one and only to show how much you care.

Egg-A-Matic Chick Egg Mould – Yellow: cheep and cheerful £7.99

Transform your hard-boiled egg into a little chick mate with this clever egg mould. It shapes a freshly cooked and peeled egg into a little chick figure which is so adorably cute you almost won’t want to eat it! Stand it on its little chick legs and perch it on your plate to brighten up your breakfast. A great gift for kids.

Eggspress - Heart Shaped Egg Mould: gotta love them! £6.99

Put some love on your plate with these heart shaped egg moulds. Add a dash of romance to a Valentine’s Day or wedding anniversary breakfast or just show someone how much you care. Who needs eggs-pensive gifts when you can show true love with an egg mould? After all, it’s the thought that counts.

Sunnyside Egg Shaper: enjoy a sunshine breakfast £7.99

Is this what fried egg aficionados mean by “sunnyside up”? This egg shaper would make an ideal gift for anyone who’s fussy about their fried eggs or hates getting up in the morning. How can you be miserable when your breakfast plate is full of sunshine? Even the cloud has a silver lining (well, white, but it’s close enough)!

Woo World Bunnyside Up Egg Shaper Orange: rabbit, rabbit £6.99

A great gift for Easter, combining both bunnies and eggs without all the chocolate! Once they’ve got over the disappointment of no chocolate, the kids will love tucking into their bunny egg faces for breakfast, lunch and dinner – you may get bored before they do! Before you get hopping mad why not try a bunny fried egg yourself?

Fred Funny Side Up Owl, Multi-Color: a wise choice £9.04

Breakfast can be a hoot with an eggy owl on your plate. It’s a wise way to start your day, as every owl knows. This eggs-eptional egg shaper would make a fun gift for kids and the young at heart and Mr Owl will accept no eggs-cuses for not eating breakfast.

Fred Funny Side Up - Skull, Multi-Color: you’ll be shell shocked! £7.52

This scary skull egg shaper didn’t want to be eggs-cluded from all the fun. He may leave you shell shocked when you see him on the breakfast plate but if you’re hungry, you’ll eggs-terminate him quickly. An eggs-quisitely gruesome gift for brave kids and grownups – just hope they see the yolk!

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