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Gifts for Him: Anything But Socks

Gifts for Him: Anything But Socks

Men are said to be notoriously difficult to buy presents for. The British sock industry is kept afloat by dithering gift buyers who can’t come up with a better idea so fall back on the default present for all men. Be honest – if you look in your bloke’s underwear drawer how many pairs of his socks have come from you?

To be fair, often men don’t give many clues to help with the gift buying. What do you get for your Dad when he spends all day in the shed? What present would delight your husband when he works all hours God sends and then crashes on the sofa for an hour before bed? What can you buy for your boyfriend when all he seems to be interested in is watching the footie and drinking beer with his mates? Little tip on the boyfriend one – dump him and save yourself some time and money.

It's time to get more imaginative with gift ideas for the male species. The good news is that there is a host of fun, quirky, unusual and even useful gifts out there, many of which he would love to have if he only knew they existed. Your job is to predict which ones. Just please avoid the socks.

Bring out the BarbieIt’s not a myth that men love to barbecue. At the first hint of sun after Easter men appear in the garden wearing comedy aprons and wielding sharp instruments, proceeding to throw slabs of meat on the griddle. It’s the only time most men are happy to do the cooking. A gift box of barbecue tools will have him delirious with excitement.

Technical ProblemAmerican stand-up comedian Carrie Snow once said: “Technology... is a queer thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other.” Think twice before giving your special man a gadget gift – you may not see him again for some time.

Think Outside the BoxTry to think outside the box when buying presents for the male species, particularly for boys. Youngsters haven’t had the life experience yet to get set in their male ways so can be more open minded. For example, candles may seem like a gift for girls but explore the Stinky Candle range and a whole new world can be discovered …

Boys to MenIt’s a known fact that men are just overgrown boys so appeal to their immaturity with comedy gifts. You’ll find a worrying number of toilet humour books as well as a host of gadget toys. Alternatively, help them relive the youth they never left with one of our retro presents.

Celebrity GiftsYou may want to splash out on a luxury gift for your man but you will never top these celebrity gifts. Scarlett Johansson gave her now ex-boyfriend Ryan Reynolds her gold-encrusted wisdom tooth to wear as a necklace while Beyonce has gifted her husband Jay Z a US $2 million Bugatti Grand Sport.

Keep it PersonalShow him how much you care with a personalised gift. Everything from a mug or a cheeseboard to a chef’s hat or golf tees can be personalised so you’re bound to find something to suit the man in your life.

Mr Know-it-allMen think they know everything. Most of the time they don’t. But you can give your man a helping hand by teaching him how to bluff. Explore the series of Bluffer’s Guides and give him the gift of knowledge. But not too much knowledge – after all, he’s still a man.

Out and AboutIf he’s the outdoors type we can offer a host of present ideas. You could give him a rechargeable Bluetooth speaker so he could listen to music on the go. Or how about a portable, eco-friendly camping stove for those nights under the stars? Give him a solar-powered torch as a gift and he may see the light!

Presence or Presents?American civil rights activist and politician Jesse Jackson is quoted as saying: “Your children need your presence more than your presents.” It’s true, but your son would still love to have those Simpsons pyjamas or that Manchester Utd plastic watch as a birthday or Christmas present!

Gifts to ImpressMoney to spare and looking for a gift to impress him? How about an Aerion AS2 supersonic jet for a cool £77 million? Or how about a Mammoth Tea Set for £82,000. No it’s not huge but it’s handles are made from mammoth tusks. Alternatively, you could give him a rubber band aeroplane for just £9.99!

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