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Shag Yourself Thin

Shag Yourself Thin

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RuthIt’s the dreaded “F” work. Come on, hands up: who’s Fat or has a friend or loved on who is Fat? As it seems most of you put your hand up, then I’m guessing this book is going to shoot to the top of the bestseller list. Those of you under the age of 16, put your hand down and get back to your school lessons.

Let’s be honest, losing weight is hard work and not much fun. You can’t eat all the naughty foods and pounding the streets or the treadmill gets a bit boring. Zumba classes are ok but I tend to get my feet tangled up. Thank goodness Mr Imah Goer has come up with a great way to make dieting and fitness more enjoyable.

This book is more fun to read than the latest Slimmer’s World magazine and is packed full of useful tips and calorie counts. It will tell you exactly what you need to do to work off that mini Mars bar you had a lunch time. What it won’t tell you is who to do it with. That’s your choice, but our official advice is to keep it close to home.

It’s a fun gift for an open-minded loved one or friend who’s fighting the flab and would make a humorous alternative Valentine’s Day present.

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