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Giant Chalk Message Mug

Giant Chalk Message Mug

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RuthHaving a cup of tea or coffee is a relaxing treat but sometimes you can get a little bored staring into space, waiting for your cuppa to reach its optimum temperature for drinking. Boredom would never be a problem again with this mug – you can doodle to your heart’s content on the outside of the mug while you wait for its contents to cool down.

As well as being a rather attractive drinking utensil, this large mug doubles as a chalk board when it’s not in use. No more hunting around for a piece of paper on which to scrawl a message to a fellow house inhabitant – simply write your message on the mug and leave it on the kitchen table!

This is a fun and useful present for everyone from busy Mums and disorganised colleagues to coffee-swilling students. That’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthday and Christmas presents ticked off!

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