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Find the newest releases Nobody wants a gift that’s old hat (unless you’re Grandad, in which case that’s exactly what he wants). Fashions and technology move on so quickly you have to be looking for recent gifts on the market or the latest bestselling presents to be sure of success. Our “new” gift finder section can help!

Latest is bestest If you have kids, you’ll know that it’s the youngsters who know what’s hot and what’s not. There’s no point buying them gifts from last year’s Christmas list – it’s soooo out of date and only new presents in the shops and online will do. Thank goodness for the “new” section in our present-finder!

What’s cool, dude? Looking for the latest gadgets and most recent releases for your cool mate’s birthday? Click on the “new” button on our present-finder to search the gifts which are newly released and trending in our partner online gift stores. You can refine your choice with our other search tools to find the best of the new gifts available.

Don’t give up Have you given up looking for a gift for your Mother-in-Law? Have you used our present-finder and still come up with nothing? Never fear – thanks to the work of our tireless gift finder geeks we are adding new presents to our pages every day. Click on the “new” heading to see the latest and most recent gifts available.

Something new Bored of the same old gifts? Looking for something different which your internet-savvy siblings or children won’t have seen before? Click on the “new” heading on our gift finder to discover a selection of novel presents new to our website. We work hard to find the latest gifts and new presents so you don’t have to.

A little of what you fancy “I bought you a gift. It’s something I’ve always wanted, but I’m not quite sure you’ll like it. So if you don’t want it just tell me and I’ll be happy to keep it. After all, I’m only interested in making you happy.” We like author Jarod Kintz’s thinking. Browse our “new” selection of gifts for something you fancy!

It doesn’t have to be expensive You don’t have to spend a fortune to buy the perfect present. “The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value,” says the American essayist and novelist Charles Dudley Warner. Use our present-finder criteria to find gifts perfectly matched to your recipient at affordable prices.

A handy tip Have you ever thought about which hand you use to offer a gift? In Western cultures it doesn’t matter but if you are offering a present in a Muslim culture don’t use just your left hand – it’s regarded as “unclean”. In Asian societies, people use both hands to both give and receive a gift as it shows respect and appreciation.

To open now or later? In some countries, such as the USA and Turkey, it’s customary to open a present as soon as you receive it so you can thank the giver immediately and express your pleasure. However, in many African cultures and also India and Japan it is polite to wait until the giver has gone, just in case they don’t like the present!

How to accept a gift graciously Crime writer Alexander McCall Smith once said: “Gracious acceptance is an art – an art which most never bother to cultivate.” Don’t make your loved one put on a brave face. If you use our present-finder to choose the perfect gift, their gracious acceptance is guaranteed to be entirely natural and spontaneous, not cultivated!

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