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Stuck for inspiration? Struggling to come up with gift ideas? No clue what to buy for your bestie’s birthday? Don’t panic, Mr Mainwaring, as Corporal Jones used to say. Our present-finder gift search tool will provide you with inspiration, whether it’s Dad’s Army memorabilia for your Grandad or a scented candle for your sister.

Gift shopping made easy Does the thought of buying a birthday present fill you with dread? We have the solution! Our easy to use present-finder takes the hard work out of gift shopping. Need a present for Mum but don’t want to spend too much? Select “mother” and a maximum price in our gift search tool and see what comes up!

Too much choice? You’ve used our present-finder but there are still too many gifts to choose from. No problem – you can filter the results further using our gift finder search tools. Add a minimum and maximum price range, for example, or insert the age of the recipient and our clever website geeks will narrow down your choice.

Play tag Do you have a few ideas in your present search but need some help to clarify them? Play tag with our present-finder! Open the tag list on the gift finder search tool or click on the “Browse” option and select “tag”. With descriptions ranging from “garden” to “robots” you’ll find a plethora of options.

Categorise your choice If you have an idea of the sort of gift you want to buy or you know what your recipient is interested in, you can use our clever present search tool to select specific categories to help you refine your search. Our hard working minions will sift through thousands of gift ideas to find the perfect present.

You can be specific Do you have specific gift themes in mind? For example, are you looking for a romantic red present? You can use the “colour” section of our present-finder to help you in your quest. Or if you’re looking for a golden or silver wedding anniversary gift, go to the “materials” section of the gift finder.

What’s new Looking for the latest gadget or trending gift? Check out the “new” button on our present-finder tool. Our gift finder minions work hard day and night to source the newest gifts on the market and make sure they are available for you to see. You’ll always be a trend setter with our gift search!

Interested in a gift? Read more Has our present-finder found you a possible gift idea? To find out more, hover your mouse over the picture and click on “read more”. Here you’ll get more information and photos to help you make your decision. Alternatively, click directly onto the Amazon link to find out more.

You’ve chosen your gift. What now? Hurray! Our present-finder has helped you with your gift search and you’re ready to buy. Now all you need to do is click on one of the online shop links next to the photo of your chosen gift and you can go ahead with your purchase. Honestly – can we make it any easier for you?

Gift or present? Did you know a gift and a present aren’t the same thing? Apparently, presents are given at a ceremony or an occasion, eg a wedding or a birthday, and to an equal or to someone more important. Gifts are given “down”, eg a charitable gift or a “gift from God”. Relax – our present-finder doesn’t discriminate!

No, thank you! Don’t be offended if a gift offered to a Japanese or Chinese person is refused initially. They are not being rude! Chinese and Japanese custom says they should turn down a gift at least three times before they accept it so they don’t appear to be too rude or greedy.

True happiness “Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give,” according to top US neurosurgeon and author Ben Carson. All the more reason to take your time with your present search and enjoy the experience. Use our present-finder to bring you happiness!

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