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Wedding Presents

Wedding Presents

Wedding presents are often pretty pricey. It's also quite a challenge to find something that the couple has not already received. This is where find-a-present.uk comes in. We offer a top selection of wedding products for all couples. These are authentic, one-of-a-kind items that you won't find at your local shopping centre or department store. Here you'll find beautiful and memorable items such as photo frames, ornaments, knick knacks and other noteworthy items sure to make a statement. Gone are the days of giving the happy couple something as boring as a gift card or voucher. Now you can be truly original when it comes to searching for the right present. Plus, we have products that won't break the bank.

The Gift ListIf you’ve been invited to a wedding and the bride and groom have a gift list, stick to it. They have chosen those items for a reason. It may be that they have a colour theme for their new home or they like a particular homeware brand. Give the wrong gift and it may be consigned to the back of the wardrobe for the duration of the marriage.

Bad LuckEven if they feature on a gift registry, never give scissors or knives as a wedding present. They may seem to be useful items to give a couple, particularly if they are setting up home together, but superstition says that sharp cutting implements such as these can lead to a broken marriage.

Mirror, MirrorA mirror can make a beautiful wedding gift but avoid giving one to an Asian couple. Many people, but particularly Asian cultures, believe that the breakable nature of a mirror and the resulting years of bad luck can have a negative impact on a marriage.

Odd is BestWhilst the giving of money to the bride and groom is common in many cultures, wedding guests in some countries are encouraged to be careful with the amount of cash offered. Money should be given in odd denominations in India and in Japan, an odd number of bank notes should be given. It’s feared the couple could separate if the money can be divided evenly into two.

Make it an ExperienceA wedding gift doesn’t have to be something for the home – it could be an experience the newlywed couple could share together. You could buy them a romantic hot air balloon trip or afternoon tea at a posh hotel, for example. A cookery class could encourage harmony in the marital kitchen!

Cheers!If the bride and groom enjoy a glass or two of vino occasionally, you could buy them wine as a wedding gift. A special bottle to drink on their 10th anniversary or a selection of carefully chosen bottles to drink on each of their first few anniversaries would be a thoughtful present.

Keep the ReceiptIt may not seem romantic but it makes sense to include the receipt with a wedding present. It means if the bride and groom receive any duplicate gifts they can exchange them for something else they would like.

Don’t Count the CostDon’t feel you have to spend a lot of money on a wedding present. Most bridal couples would hate to think they were forcing their guests to spend more than they would like. Wedding gifts should come from the heart, not the depths of your wallet.

Personalise ItIf you’re close to the bride and groom you could choose to give them a personalised gift. His and Hers mugs, towels and pillowcases can make fun wedding presents or you could personalise a decorative plaque with the couple’s names and the wedding date.

Go Back to NatureAn unusual but thoughtful wedding gift could be a plant or tree which can be planted in the couple’s garden and grow alongside their marriage. It should give the bride and groom a great deal of pleasure over the years as they watch the tree mature with them.

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