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Presents for Retirement

Presents for Retirement

Retirement is a transition into a new and different phase of life and one that is hopefully more relaxing and reflective. At find-a-present, we help you source the perfect gift for those about to retire. And be warned! Many people do not like to be reminded that they have hit retirement or that they have aged - so choose your gift wisely! Whether he or she is a fan of theatre, arts and culture, sports or culinary delights, you'll find something sweet to suffice right here. Or simply, have a bit of fun with an item to make him or her giggle. We offer everything from greeting cards, useful household items, to personalised products and momentos - items that say 'Happy Retirement' and that come right from the heart.

The Gold WatchThe writer R C Sherriff said: “When a man retires and time is no longer a matter of urgent importance, his colleagues generally present him with a watch.” Quotation anthologist Terri Guillemets added: “A gold watch is the most appropriate gift for retirement, as its recipients have given up so many of their golden hours in a lifetime of service.”

Sweet CharityIf your retiring colleague is adamant they don’t want any fuss or a gift, consider making a collection and donating the money to a charity supported by your colleague.

Collective ResponsibilityWhen someone retires, make sure all their colleagues contribute towards the cost of the retirement gift and that everyone who wants to has the opportunity to write a message of goodwill. A retirement present will be all the more appreciated if the recipient knows everyone they have worked with has been involved.

Time for LeisureHopefully, the retiree is looking forward to spending more time pursuing their hobbies or favourite leisure activities. Use their outside interests as inspiration for retirement gift ideas; buy them something that relates to their activities such as a magazine subscription, useful tools or clothing, or something ornamental or decorative.

Take their Plans in AccountNot everyone will be lucky enough to spend all their newly acquired spare time post-retirement pursuing their interests. Many people will have to find a part time job after retiring to supplement their pension income and others may suffer from ill health. Take this into account when choosing a retirement gift.

Thanks for the MemoryFor many people it can be hard to leave behind colleagues and a workplace they have known for years. They may appreciate a retirement gift which reminds them of their happy days at work such as a photo collage of their colleagues, a memory book full of photos and messages or a spoof newspaper front page.

Be CreativeIf your colleague works in a specific type of workplace or within a particular industry you could consider buying or even commissioning a gift which takes that into account. For example, colleagues of an IBM worker who marketed disk drives made him a clock out of scrap disks as a retirement present.

Consult with a SpouseIf you’re not sure what to buy as a retirement gift you could ask your colleague’s spouse or partner for ideas. They are sure to know of any plans after retirement or may be able to tell you of outside interests which your colleague didn’t mention in work. There may be something which your retiring colleague has always wanted which you could give them as a gift.

Don’t Be FunnyUnless your colleague is always telling gags and loves to make people laugh, avoid buying a gift which pokes fun at retirement or reaching a certain age. Many people find retirement daunting as it’s a realisation they are moving towards the end of their life. Others may have been forced into retirement against their will. Making fun of the situation may make them feel worse. Use your judgement.

Experience of a LifetimeA retirement gift doesn’t have to be gift boxed and beautifully wrapped. You could give an experience as a gift. It would give your colleague something to look forward to after retirement and should provide lots of great memories. You could relate the experience to an interest eg cookery classes, wine tasting or a concert or you could buy a celebratory experience such as a champagne afternoon tea.

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