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Presents for a New Baby

Presents for a New Baby

Whether it's a newborn baby girl or boy, there is a unique present waiting at find-a-present.uk. From special baby packages that are beautifully wrapped, to teddies, toys, toiletries and baby clothing, you are bound to find a super product for that tiny someone right here. Explore everything from premier, top of the range, luxury gifts for baby to personalised, smaller budget gifts. No matter what your price range, these are remarkable, high quality items sourced from top suppliers across the globe. What is more is that you have everything you need in a single place so there's no need to shop around. Start exploring find-a-present.uk today.

Born With a Silver SpoonThe tradition of giving a silver gift to a new baby dates back to Tudor times. It was believed that giving a baby a silver coin or spoon was an investment and would help to give the infant a good start in life. The saying “born with a silver spoon in her mouth” is thought to originate from the same time period.

Celebrating a Baby’s First MonthMany East Asian cultures wait a whole month before they celebrate a baby’s birth. It’s partly because traditionally the new mothers are confined to bed rest for a month and partly because of high infant mortality rates in the past – families were afraid to celebrate a birth until the baby had survived the first month.

Make it PersonalA personalised gift for a new baby can become a lifetime keepsake. Silver gifts such as a bracelet, feeding set or photo frame are easy to engrave with the baby’s name and date of birth. A blanket with the baby’s name on it or a personalised teddy bear will be cherished throughout childhood and beyond.

Everyone Loves a Teddy BearBabies love a soft toy to cuddle and what can be more traditional than a teddy bear? If you want to give a special and collectable baby gift which can be handed down through the generations look for a teddy bear from one of the top manufacturers such as Steiff or Merrythought. Expect to pay £100 or more though!

Sibling RivalryIf the new baby isn’t the first child of the family, don’t forget to include the older siblings in the celebrations. Bring them a present of their own and make a big fuss of them so they don’t feel left out. It’s all too easy to focus the attention on the baby, leaving the older brother or sister feeling jealous.

Book of MemoriesA great idea for a baby gift is a scrapbook specially designed for the parents to fill in as their baby reaches various milestones. Pictures of the scan and photos of the baby plus details such as the baby’s weight and length each month can be interesting to look back on. Baby’s first smile, first words and first steps can all be recorded, creating a lasting memento.

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