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Present Ideas for Birthdays

Present Ideas for Birthdays

Birthdays are a rite of passage celebrated in many cultures around the world. In fact, even the ancient Romans celebrated birthdays, hosted parties and gave lavish and expensive gifts. In most of the western world a birthday is often celebrated with a cake, candles and some sort of representation of the age of the person (in numbers written on the cake or even on a birthday card). Birthdays are indeed a special time and buying something that really stands out and that is really authentic can be difficult. At find-a-present.uk we offer a selection of very unique items that you would definitely not find at your local department store or gift shop. These are one-of-a-kind products carefully selected for that very special occasion. So no matter who the recipient of the item is, you are sure to find something to suffice here. We offer everything from bright, bold statement presents to smaller, more personal keepsakes and ornaments.

Do Your HomeworkWhen a loved one or friend has a birthday approaching, make sure you listen carefully for any hints about what to buy as a present. They may be deliberate hints or throwaway remarks; either way the birthday boy or girl will be impressed by your listening skills and you know the birthday present will be appreciated.

Wrap It UpIf your gift wrapping skills are on a par with a toddler, take advantage of a professional. Many high street and online stores offer a gift-wrapping service for a small fee. A beautifully wrapped birthday present with ribbons and a tag will be accepted more gratefully than a horror show of a parcel resembling a sticky tape hedgehog, whatever its contents.

Never ForgetDon’t forget a birthday. You will never be forgiven, whatever the birthday celebrant says. Write the date on a calendar, put it in your phone, ask someone reliable to remind you, or even all three – just do whatever it takes to remember the date. If all else fails an increasing number of online companies are offering to deliver on the day, for a fee.

All Year RoundDon’t restrict your birthday present shopping to just a few days before the big day. Keep your eyes open all the time – you never know when you might spot the perfect gift for your Mum or your best friend. If you do spot it, buy it there and then. It may not be there when you go back.

Look For InspirationIf you’re stuck for ideas for a birthday gift, go for a browse. Do some window shopping along your local High Street or drop into your nearest department store and peruse the shelves. Alternatively, use an online search tool to flag up some inspiration. The best birthday present ever may be one you haven’t thought of yet.

Hobby TimeIf the birthday boy or girl has a hobby or interest, they may appreciate a gift along those lines. Someone who enjoys painting, for example, may want some new artist materials. However, if you’re not sure exactly what to get it’s probably best to ask them for specifics.

Get PersonalPlenty of high street and online stores offer a service to personalise gifts with a name, a date or even a photo. Personalised birthday gifts always go down well, particularly if it’s a special birthday. It shows that the giver has taken the time to think about and plan the gift.

It's A Big One!Don’t forget if it’s a special birthday. You don’t want to be handing over a box of chocolates as a 50th birthday present when everyone else has made the effort to come up with something personalised or a sparkly keepsake.

It's My UnbirthdayAlice in Wonderland author Lewis Carroll introduced the concept of an “unbirthday” in Through the Looking Glass. As he pointed out, we only have one day a year when we get birthday presents but there ae 364 other days each year when we might get an unbirthday present. Let’s all celebrate our unbirthdays!

Keep It In the HomeBirthday presents don’t have to be expensive to impress. Instead of buying a box of chocolates why not have a go at some homemade truffles? You could paint your own design on a mug instead of buying one from that expensive homeware store. Take a guess at which gift your birthday loved one or friend would prefer?

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