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Gifts for a Baby Shower

Gifts for a Baby Shower

Did you know that rituals relating to pregnancy and childbirth were conducted in ancient Egypt and Greece? In fact, rituals were mostly conducted after the birth of a baby whereas today we celebrate the pregnancy of the mother before the actual birth. Buying a special gift for that tiny someone before the birth is therefore important in our modern times. At find-a-present.uk you'll find tons of exciting present ideas for both moms and tots. Explore our best budget products for mothers and baby girls and boys. Here you'll find a top selection of fantastic, meaningful and highly useful items guaranteed to make the mom-to-be smile with joy. Take a look at our items for the baby's new room, items to make the mom's life a little easier and other baby products to cherish and adore.

Who Throws a Baby Shower?Usually, a baby shower is thrown by a relative or friend of the mum-to-be, rather than the prospective mum herself. This helps to avoid the impression that the mum-to-be is asking for presents.

Boy or Girl?Unless the baby shower is thrown after the birth, it can be a gamble buying gender-specific gifts even if the mum-to-be claims to know. Consider playing it safe with a gender-neutral baby present.

It’s Raining GiftsThe term “baby shower” is assumed to derive from the mum-to-be being “showered” with gifts. Alternatively, it could refer to the “first showing” of the baby to the wider circle of family and friends.

It’s a SecretIn Victorian times, an expectant mother would keep her pregnancy a secret for as long as possible. It was not deemed seemly to appear in public whilst pregnant. How things have changed!

Austerity Baby ShowersThe modern-day baby shower tradition started after World War Two when times were hard and mothers-to-be were often stretched financially. Family and friends would help by providing the expectant parents with gifts of nappies, blankets and clothes.

Precious MemoriesThe first year of a baby’s life can be a bit of a blur for new parents so a keepsake book which encourages Mum and Dad to record their baby’s milestones is a thoughtful baby shower gift idea.

Something to CuddleMany of us will have had a much-loved soft toy as a child. Babies love soft plush toys to cuddle and play with so they make cute baby shower presents which are sure to be appreciated.

Keep it PersonalA personalised gift is a great idea for a baby shower. If the shower is during rather than post-pregnancy, you could personalise the present with the name of the mum-to-be or even the future baby’s sure-to-be favourite aunty!

Time for MumIt’s hard work being pregnant and a new mum so as an alternative to a gift for baby, how about buying a present for the mum-to-be? A baby shower gift idea could be a bath and body pamper set for the new mum.

Make it AppropriateKeep the words of the late comedienne Joan Rivers in mind when choosing a baby shower gift: “I knew I was an unwanted baby when I saw that my bath toys were a toaster and a radio.”

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