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WEEK 37 2016: I love going away on holiday but I hate travelling light. I’m one of those people who fills every corner of their suitcase with clothes because I... read more

WEEK 37 2016: Welcome to the future and the death of the laptop computer. Why lug around a heavy, large and “portable” screen and keyboard when everything you... read more

WEEK 37 2016: Do you know someone who would love to escape their boring life and try something exciting such as swimming with sharks? Does your father or wife yearn... read more

WEEK 37 2016: Everyone loves a Superhero. Their role in life is to keep our world in order and they do a fantastic job. If you ask Planet Krypton’s most famous... read more

WEEK 33 2016: How often have you gone for a walk and fancied a sit down or found yourself outdoors waiting for hours for an event to happen? Dash it, you think. It... read more

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